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Redragaon M686 Vampire Elite is a practical choice for those who want the best of both gaming and work worlds. We recommend it to gamers who want to venture into hardcore gaming and create virtual work projects.

Redragon M686 Vampire Elite Review

Do you want to up your gaming career but don’t want to splurge on super-expensive brands? Are you an MMO lover but think too many buttons are an unnecessary hassle? Or have you always wanted a decent mouse that could double as a working mouse as well as a piece of good gaming equipment? If you are nodding ‘yes’ to all, you have clicked on the right link.

Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is a solid option for hardcore gamers in the making. Its sufficient speed, smooth clicks, and high-quality sensor make it the best choice for those who are considering becoming the new champions of the gaming world.

  • You want fewer buttons and more clicks - Redragon M686 Vampire Elite has eight programable buttons. However, you can get double and triple clicks from it.
  • You always wanted an on-the-go mouse - You can play on the road, in-flight, or on a camping trip. You do not need to charge it before at least 24 hours.
  • You play with both hands - It is designed as an ambidextrous mouse which can be an added advantage for some games.
  • You need a good side grip - Its two-sided rubber surfaces offer a secure grasp.
  • You can spend a bit on your gaming mouse - Although it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, still… you have to spend a bit more on this.
  • You want many keybindings at once - If you are a fan of more than a dozen programable buttons on a gaming mouse, M686 is not for you.
  • You want a table-sitting mouse only - You should not get Redragon M686 Vampire Elite if you don't want a wireless mouse.
  • You want a single-handed mouse - If you are comfortable using only one hand in-game, this mouse may not be for you.
  • You want a cheap mouse - The M686 is not highly expensive but it is not cheap, too

Table of Specifications

Wired/ Wireless2.4G Wired/ Wireless
SensorOptical Pixart 3335
DPI100 - 16,000
Programmable Buttons8
Adjustable WeightsNone
Switch TypeHUANO
Specifications of Redragon M686 Vampire Elite

What Is Inside the Redragon M686 Vampire Elite Box?

The Redragon packs its mice in a signature sturdy box with instructions and specifications about the product printed at the back. Once you break the seal, you find the following things inside:

  • The Redragon M686 Vampire Elite gaming mouse - Your mouse of choice.
  • The USB connectivity wire - If you want an on-table game instead of playing on the go, you can use this wire.
  • A 2.4 GHz dongle for wireless connectivity.
  • A Redragon sticker and a user manual to get started.

Almost “Flash” Speed

Its extremely responsive optical sensor allows you to achieve your desired speed in-game. It detects the accurate speed with which your mouse scrolls. Then, it transfers this info to your PC for precise navigation throughout the game. 

“I can zap it across the table.”

Moreover, it has a high-level DPI of 16,000 that enables you to win the Chicken Dinner. However, we recommend that you stay within the ideal 800 - 2400 DPI for an optimal gaming experience.

Nevertheless, your mouse can spiral out of your control especially if you are not used to playing on high sensitivity before. If you are new to the gaming world, you must be careful with it.

Long Life Battery

What do you think of a mouse that you do not have to charge for two days? You will lap it up, won’t you? So will we. This was why we grabbed the Redragon M686 Vampire Elite for our gaming mice collection. You get a nice, uninterrupted game time for more than 24 hours, guaranteed.

It also comes with an Eco mode that elongates the battery life up to one more day. Cool, right? Plus, it is cheaper because you can charge it with its USB cable instead of changing batteries or anything.

“It is almost as convenient as my savings fund.”

However, you can get caught in a snag if you forget to charge the battery before taking this mouse outside. Either you set reminders and alarms to remember, or you carry a load of cable and charging devices on your road trip, something which you wanted to avoid in the first place.

Ergonomically Sufficient

Do your fingers slip at the sides in-game? If you have to adjust your thumb and little finger on the mouse repeatedly while playing, your mouse is not right for you. You should replace it with the Redragon M686 Vampire Elite. You will see the difference for yourself.

“This rubber lets me hang on mid-lift-off.”

Its rubber-coated sides and concave surfaces offer solid gripping surfaces. You can rest your hand more that way. Moreover, sliding and lift-off become easier because your mouse won’t slip from your hands because of the friction surfaces. Your hand and wrist can rest more with this mouse.

On the other hand, you may not find it as ergonomically feasible. If you have extra large or extra small hands, it might not fit. You may have to maneuver your hands on this mouse before you find your ultimate sweet spot.

Where Do You Stand On Pricing?

You stand at the crossroads, in our opinion. Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is perfectly priced in between the not-so-pricey and oh-so-pricey range. The noobs might find it an expensive mouse to start with whereas hardcore gamers might find it a good transition mouse. However, they may not want to stick to this one for a long time.

You can get it for $42.99 at Amazon.com right now. Also, the Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is having a 15% off winter sale at the moment. You can get this mouse for $36.54 at Redrgaon Official Store if you order now. Note that these prices are the current offers. We do not guarantee that they will last.

“You get what you pay for.”

Several pro gamers might also find this mouse a damper against other Redragon mice with more features and lower prices. The programable buttons are quite small, for one thing. It hardly offers any unique features compared to M908 or others. Its speed and accuracy are not more than other Redragon mice, too. It is a decent choice but perhaps not the ultimate one.

What Do the Users Think?

The users love its wirelessness. Many users feel that wired gaming mice are not actually suitable for gaming. Although we agree to disagree with it up to a certain point, what the majority says goes. The fact that you can yank it across your table or take it out for a ride sits splendidly well for the consumers.

“You skip the ‘amateur hour’ nicely.”

The other feature the users think is great is its ergonomics. It fits in the larger and medium-sized hands quite well, according to the public. Very small hands may have to find their perfect positions on it, though. Another good thing is its ability to accommodate both hands. You can change the position of your Redragon M686 Vampire Elite to hit either the right or the left hand.

Its rubber-coated surfaces on each side are another spec the consumers consider worth buying. Although it might seem like splurging to some customers looking at the price, they will buy it if it ensures ease of use.

Comparison to Other Gaming Mice

You can check other gaming mice if you are still confused about making a decision. You can weigh the pros and cons of three other mice before investing in a long-term purchase.

Logitech G502 HERO

Price: $54.99 (Currently on Amazon.com)

The Logitech G502 HERO predicts every move with accuracy. It would never let you miss a shot. With tunable weights, you can adjust them according to your liking. It's solid and reliable for long and tough gaming sessions.

Pro gamers use it mostly. This mouse never lets you down. You can say that it brings precision, durability, and customization together. However, it comes with a higher price tag compared to the demur but practical Redragon M686 Vampire Elite.

If you’re willing to invest more, then surely the Logitech G502 HERO is the best choice. But if you have a tight budget, and you still want to enjoy all those perks while staying within your budget, then you should go for Predator M686.

Razer Death Adder Elite

Price: $42.57 (Currently on Amazon.com)

The Razer Death Adder Elite is all about precision gaming. Its 16,000 DPI optical sensor ensures you make a pin-point move every single time. It boasts a sleek and ergonomic design and fits comfortably in your hand.

With seven programmable buttons, you can say that the Death Adder Elite maintains a balance between functionality and simplicity. Moreover, its Razer Synapse software also allows customization just like the Redragon M686 Vampire Elite. 

Another plus point of this mouse is its durability. The buttons have a satisfying click. This mouse is built to withstand the intensity of competitive gaming. Although it comes with a higher price tag, you can justify it with its features. 

SteelSeries Rival 600

Price: $46.00 (Currently at Amazon.com)

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is equipped with a cutting-edge dual-sensor system. It also promises 1-to-1 tracking for accuracy. Its weight-tuning configuration adds another layer of personalization to it.

You might think you can customize this thing however you want. However, its precision and customization come at a cost that might be steep for some users.

Unlike its competitors, the Rival 600's comfort factor takes a hit. It does have a very sleek-looking and streamlined design, but it may not be the most ergonomic for extended gaming or designing sessions. People who prioritize the fact the mouse should feel as good as it performs have to compromise a bit.

However, the potential users must weigh the exceptional precision and build quality against the discomfort that is associated with its design.


The DPI setting for Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is up to 16,000 for each of its five profiles. They range between 1000 - 16,000. You can adjust each profile by ± 100 through the software or the DPI buttons on the mouse.

The polling rate of Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is 1000 Hz. It is the average data transfer rate for gaming mice. Polling rate can help you improve your game performance and efficiency.

No, the Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is not weight adjustable. Unlike other models with an array of weights to increase or decrease the mouse’s weight in-game, M686 has a constant weight. You might find it a bit inconvenient but you won’t have difficulty during scrolling and lift-off.

Yes, the Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is good to use with both hands. It has rubber grippers for secured thumb and little finger placement. Also, your hands can adjust to its side buttons quite easily. Only three side buttons make it easier to set your hands on it.

In a Nutshell

Redragon M686 Vampire Elite is an efficient choice for those who want to transition from the noob status to the pro status. It has many features that make it a good choice for intermediate gamers, like wireless connectivity and keybinding buttons. Also, it is good for those who create virtual content and have to repeat mundane commands like copy, paste, etc.

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