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You can win the game in a flash with Redragon M990 MMO because it is unique among its competitors. We highly recommend it for customizing more tactical keybinds. If you love to play in the dark, this gaming mouse is for you.

Redragon M990 MMO Review

Are you a pro gamer who has yet to find an impressive gaming mouse? Do you wish for a mouse-with-keys every time you have to switch from mouse to keyboard in-game? Or, do you crave a seamless lock-and-hit experience using a single gadget? We got you covered.

More than 70% of gamers, who have purchased Redragon M990 MMO gaming mouse, have fallen in love with it. Its ergonomic compatibility, programmable buttons, and other unique features have made it an ideal gaming companion.

But, is it good enough for you? Read on to find the answer. We will give you a detailed review that will help you decide why you should choose it as your primary gaming mouse.

  • You want the best at a low price - The M990 MMO is cheaper than several other pro-gaming mice in the market.
  • You would rather play like Flash - You get a seamless gaming experience because of the side buttons on this mouse. You won’t have to switch to a keyboard all the time.
  • You need different weightage - You can go for it if your gaming strategy requires changeable weight settings. M990 MMO has 8 weights you can use for the best experience.
  • You love an even look - This mouse has 16.8 million RGB LED color options you can play with and make your gaming spot look harmonious.
  • You love the environment - Yes, you read it right. You get Eco mode in this mouse which allows you to conserve its battery and save electricity, conserving the ecosystem consequently.
  • You want perfect ergonomics - You should consider other options if you want the perfect arch and height. This mouse is a bit flat on the right side.
  • You prefer wireless gaming mice - This mouse is wired so if you love to play on the go too, and don’t want to hassle with wires, this is not the best choice for you.

Table of Specifications

DPI10 - 32,000
SensorOptical Pixart 3389
Programmable Buttons23
Adjustable Weights8 x 2.4g
Switch TypeHUANO
Specifications of Redragon M990 MMO

What Is Inside the Redragon M990 MMO Box?

The Redragon M990 MMO comes in a care-package-like box you would enjoy unboxing. It includes:

  • The box itself - You will love comprehensive labeling and specs printed on the back.
  • A manual - You will breeze through downloading and running the software and the use of all the buttons by going through it. It is simple and detailed for beginners, too.
  • The mouse - One M990 gaming mouse with a non-detachable USB cable attached.
  • The weight box - You can store your mouse weights in it when you are not using them. You will find them in place inside your mouse. You can experiment with them to reach your desired weight.

“Love the weight suitcase!”

Toggle-Able DPI Settings

Are you devastated that Raze needs more ammo to shoot because you can not lock the target properly? It may be because you have a low-DPI mouse. Redragon M990 MMO can be your blessing for games like Valorant where you require pin-perfect accuracy.

This mouse comes with 5 DPI levels that you can toggle in-game to ensure you hit the target at the first shot. You can also tune it between the ideal 800 - 2400 limit to shoot, punch, or build intricate designs as you play.

Remember to maintain the sensitivity balance, though. Although you can hike the DPI up to 16400, it is not ideal in every situation. Your gaming experience can go herky-jerky very quickly if you try to perfect accuracy at the expense of performance.

Ease of Access

Don’t you really hate it when you have to switch between your keyboard and mouse in-game? Well, not anymore. Redragon M990 MMO comes with sixteen side buttons that you can use for a superfast and satisfactory game.

You get 23 programable buttons you can customize for various tactics for each game. This includes a dedicated fire button - the ultimate satisfaction when you make the perfect hit! You also get a mode switch button you can use to change profiles rapidly. It is the only un-programable button on the mouse.

Amen for the buttons. You don’t have to cruise the software every time.”

Nonetheless, you may find the sides of your Redragon M990 MMO cluttered with so many buttons. You can learn to recognize them quickly enough because each button sticks out differently. However, it might still be difficult if you are new to this type of mouse.

Comfortable on Hands

We all want our gaming mice to skid smoothly over the surface, right? This Redragon M990 MMO does it ideally. You won’t have to drag it across your mouse pad or table because it has an anti-skid wheel in the bottom. It has anti-scratch pads, too, so you can scroll without ruining the surface.

It is also a natural, glove fit for your hand. You can use it easily for either right or left hand because it has buttons on both sides. Its compactness and height make it ideal for you to have a… well, mouse-like feeling as you race across the game pitch. Pun intended!

That said, you might find it somewhat flat on the right side because of its stair-like edge. Although the manufacturers designed it to enhance its ergonomics, it may have a reverse effect on some users. You can remedy this by adjusting your hand on the mouse a few times. 

Backlit Indicators

What is the coolest way to signify your profiles? More than one, obviously. Color coding them is one of those. You can select your pick out of 16.8 million colors for your profiles. You will be able to recognize them immediately as your Redragon M990 MMO changes color. 

“It’s 100% customizable, RGB go brrrr…”

The five backlit modes of this mouse make it an ideal choice for when you play in low light. We all know that many games, especially horror ones, have better visuals in a dark room. You will be able to see your mouse buttons clearly due to the backlight. Also, RGB and backlight are interchangeable.

Nevertheless, you may have to recharge it every few days if you use backlight and RGB consistently. Backlight eats up your battery life faster. That said, you can opt to switch to Eco mode when you don’t need the lights and avoid recharging until a month.


Do you also feel like pulling your hair when the mouse wire comes in your way? We feel the same. But, this wired mouse is different. We love its highly flexible wire that can be tucked behind easily. What’s more, it won’t interrupt your speedy scrolling.

The USB connectivity of Redragon M990 MMO ensures super quick data transfer. It is crucial during gaming where you have to stay click-alert. Furthermore, you can recharge it through your laptop or PC as you play along. You will save more time that way. 

One disadvantage you might encounter is that the USB cable may not be compatible with your computer. Although it is highly rare because the gaming equipment industry keeps updating itself in literal seconds, it can still be a problem. You can check the cable specs before buying it.

Where Do You Stand On Pricing?

At a very good position. You can get this mouse for $44.99, current price, at both Amazon.com and Redragon's official store.

Redragon M990 MMO is highly affordable compared to its features. With gaming mice costing up to $100+, this mouse feels cheap. You can even buy a separate keyboard and stay within your budget.

Logitech gaming mice are also cheap, but they have fewer features than the Redragon M990. On the other hand, UTechSmart costs more than Redragon but has fewer features. Redragon M990 MMO balances its cost just right.

How Do the Users Find the Redragon M990 MMO?

The users find it almost classic. It is economical, manages the game single-handedly, and is weight-adjustable. A gamer’s dream! It also slides smoothly across the surface, making the gaming experience breezier and more satisfactory.

“Light on pocket, heavy on features.”

Plus, it can be used in dim lights and can be color-coded. Users find it easier to recognize their profiles through the mouse colors as they change swiftly between the games.

Lastly, the company is prompt in dealing with their problems. Customers get replacements quickly in case of malfunctioning sets.

Comparison With Other Gaming Mice

Want to look for more? No worries. You can read these reviews we have compiled for you to help you make a long-lasting decision.

Logitech G502 HERO

Current price: $39.99 (Limited Offer) at Amazon.com

You can consider this mouse if you want a high sensitivity at a low price. Logitech G502 Hero can go as high as 25,600 DPI, enabling high precision. However, Redragon M990 MMO has a limit of 32,600 DPI, but you will have to open its software to ramp it up.

This mouse has 11 customizable buttons you can connect to tactical keybinds. This compares against Redragon M990 MMO which has 16 buttons. Nonetheless, you can consider Logitech if you want a simpler mouse.

Additionally, you get five adjustable weights, 3.6 gms each, to adjust the weight of the mouse. While it is a commendable feature, Redragon M990 MMO offers eight weights of 2.4 gms each. You can increase or decrease your mouse’s weight slightly, which is what you mostly need for smooth gaming.

UTechSmart Venus Pro

Current price: $47.99 at Amazon.com

You get sixteen customizable buttons along with a dual connectivity option. You can either connect it to your PC or laptop through a USB cable, or you can go wireless if you want to take your game outside. However, going wireless can hamper your game if your data encounters a glitch and stops working.

UTechSmart Venus Pro has up to 16000 DPI with five levels. It is the same as the Redragon M990 MMO but with a higher price. While Redragon M990 is cheaper, UTechSMart Venus Pro is pricier and similar.

UTechSmart has four backlit modes and 16.8 million RGB LED colors. This contrasts negatively with Redragon M990 MMO which has five backlit modes. However, you can have a smooth gaming experience on both mice.


Redragon mouse can butterfly click. However, it depends on different models, your strategy, and speed. You can butterfly-click on Redragon M990 MMO by clicking at the upper end near the wire.

The mode switch enables you to switch between your different profiles. It is an un-programmable button that you can use to change your profiles with one click.

Redragon mice can double-click. However, you will have to rely on your fingers to do so because Redragon mice do not have a dedicated double-click key. You can try VEGCOO or C30 Silent Click mice if you want a separate double-click key.

You can adjust your Redragon M990 MMO by opening its software and clicking the "DPI Tab". You can then change your settings between 5 available DPIs. You can change up to 16400 DPI with M990 MMO.

In a Nutshell

Redragon M990 MMO has the best features a hardcore gamer can hope for. Its sixteen programmable buttons allow you to control your game without using a keyboard. It is a sensitivity-adjustable mouse that can go as high as 32,000 DPI for a pin-point hit. Moreover, because of its five backlit modes, you can also play in dimly lit surroundings. Finally, it is economical. 

So, have you made a final decision to buy a gaming mouse? Will you choose Redragon M990 MMO? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Redragon M990 MMO

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