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We highly recommend it to the hardcore gamers out there. Redragon M908 Impact is perfect for those who love to slash, hit, and shoot to win.

Redragon M908 Impact Review

Do you need to level up your gaming experience by getting a faster mouse than you have now? Are you in search of a gaming mouse that has a lot of programable buttons? Or, do you wish you could make your mouse heavy or light by choice? If yes, then this mouse is the best answer to these questions.

Almost 75% of consumers find the Redragon M908 Impact the best gaming mouse they ever had. You can enjoy its high-gear features at a reasonable cost. We have compiled a detailed review of this mouse to help you make an informed, sensible decision.

  • You hate using the keyboard in-game — The multiple-click buttons will spare you the nuisance of having to press many keys.
  • You love multiple key binds — You can map several moves into its many programable buttons, saving you time.
  • You want a pin-perfect target — M908 Impact MMO has the ideal polling rate and latency to hit and win repeatedly.
  • You crave comfortability — Your wrist and hand will be in a super comfortable position while using this mouse. Moreover, you can adjust its weight according to your ease.
  • You need more value at a low price — It has most of the features similar to a gaming mouse that may cost you an arm and a leg. So why not get this instead?
  • You are not a die-hard gamer — If you do not have to program multiple key binds because you don’t play intense games, this mouse may not be for you.
  • You want simplicity — You shouldn’t buy this mouse if you don’t want too many buttons.
  • You like to play on the go — Because it is a wired gaming mouse. You can choose a wireless mouse instead.

Table of Specifications

Wired/ WirelessWired
SensorOptical Pixart 3327
DPI100 - 12,400
Programmable Buttons18
Adjustable Weights8 x 2.4g
Switch TypeHUANO
Specifications of Redragon M908 Impact

What Is Inside the Redragon M908 Impact Box?

The box for Redragon M908 Impact is an elegant plastic cover that can be used to store the mouse. However, we all know that is not going to happen because you will be using that mouse hardcore!

  • The mouse — One slick and shiny Redragon M908 Impact gaming mouse with built-in wire. Ready to be plugged in and kick-off!
  • The weight storage box — A tiny treasure box-like box where you can store your weights when you are not using them.
  • The weights — 8 metallic weights of 2.4g each. You can adjust how heavy or light your mouse should be for each game.
  • The manual — You can learn your mouse inside out through this manual. 
  • The thank you note — This is a new addition. It certainly adds value to the overall unboxing experience. First impressions are everything. 

A Fast Mouse

Can you play FFXIV with a mouse that takes 2 seconds to register the click? Of course not! It would be a nightmare. Hence, this mouse can be your best choice. It has the fastest latency of 1 ms max, with 0 ms being the minimum. 

“Fast as Flash… Mostly.”

Also, its polling rate is 1000 Hz. It is ideal for a solid gaming mouse because hey, Warrior of Light needs an accurate position on-screen! Moreover, its ergonomic design is best for the comfort of your wrist and hand. You can grip and click efficiently to win again and again.

However, you may not be able to avail of its fastness if you can’t find its software. It can be some digging online because you don’t get a link to its software on the box or in the manual. Once you find and install it, you can kick it off.

Easily Mappable Buttons

Don’t you love it when you can execute ctrl+alt+delete in one click? We know we do. The 18 programable buttons of the Redragon M908 Impact MMO mouse enable you to map multiple key binds. These can help you repeat mundane game moves easily.

“I finished fighting within seconds.”

You won’t need your keyboard for the most part if you have this mouse. Its middle button has a 3-in-1 click action that can hit three targets in one go. What more does a gamer want? DPI changing buttons. Well, you get two DPI upping and downing buttons too.

However, some gamers might find these buttons a little too many. Especially if you are a beginner or don’t usually play intense games, these buttons may feel like a waste of money. However, if you want to proceed to the Redragon M908 Impact eventually, it is a good investment.

Adjustable Weights

You can make your gaming mouse heavy or light as per your comfort. The Redragon M908 Impact comes with 8 weights, each weighing 2.4g. You need a heavy mouse when you are aiming for more target precision. If you are fond of games that require extensive strategizing, this weight collection is perfect for you.

“Lovin’ its weight-justability!”

Adjustable weights provide good support to first-time shooters, too. If you are new to the gaming world, a lightweight mouse can be difficult to control. It might scroll too quickly on-screen and miss your shots in-game.

Contrarily, several pro gamers may find the weights useless. They have enough experience and control over their mouse to not need it. Also, lighter mice are easy to lift off and flash scroll.

Where Do You Stand On Pricing?

Quite reasonably. If you ask us, we think it is a steal at the current cost. However, you might consider buying it on Redragon's official store instead of Amazon because of the price difference. Although it is not a huge gap, every dollar counts. Note that this advice is for present-day discounts only. 

“Worth my money? Heck, yes!”

You can get a Redragon M908 Impact MMO gaming mouse at Amazon.com for $32.99 currently. You can also buy it directly from Redragon’s official store for $31.45 at the moment. They are having a 15% site-wide discount at the moment.

You will find the price totally worth the money you spend on it. Not only because of its long sustainability that outgrows its warranty period but also its features. Redragon M908 Impact has similar features to any top-dollar gaming mouse. 

What Do the Users Think?

The users think it is an awesome gaming mouse. They are delighted with its bendable, easy-to-tuck wire. It is about 6 ft long and lightweight. You won’t feel it weighing your mouse down in lift-off. Its sleek finish looks motivating and attractive.

“It passes the test of time.”

Pro gamers love its programable buttons. It allows them to map their moves easily and get the advantage of more time to act in-game. Moreover, they like the backlit colors because they can color code their DPI profiles. Then they can easily recognize them as they switch quickly during the game.

However, some users found gripping the mouse tricky. They either had large hands that took more muscle learning to click side buttons, or quite small hands that couldn’t reach the side buttons fully. That said, their percentage is quite low. Redragon M908 Impact MMO is designed for a broad user set and more than 70% are satisfied with their choice.

Comparison to Other Gaming Mice

Are you still indecisive? Well, you can go through this section we have compiled for you. You can compare the Redragon M990 Impact MMO to three other gaming mice and have more options to choose from.

BEN-BXO-17B Bengoo

Price: $11.99 (Currently on Amazon.com)

Its low price is highly noticeable. Along with its seven breathing lights, four DPI profiles, and ambidextrous design, it is worth a look. It has seven programable buttons and rubber grippers on the sides. It is a decent mouse for beginners who want to start slow and gradually upgrade to MMO.

The first comparison between M908 Impact and BEN-BXO-17B Bengoo is the DPIs. While Redragon has five profiles up to 16,400, Bengoo has four with a maximum limit of 3600. Although the ideal DPI setting lies between 800 - 2400, most MMO games need extreme accuracy.

Its programable buttons are way less than a true gaming mouse should have. If you are going to play Lost Ark, you will need more keybinds and so, more buttons. Bengoo is more suited for newbies than pros. 

Weemsbox Wired Gaming Mouse

Price: $18.99 (Currently at Amazon.com)

Weemsbox wired gaming mouse is big on design. You get a high-finish top that provides slight friction without your fingers sticking and leaving finger marks. It has textured sides that further strengthen your grip. This is similar to Redragon which also has a good grip but a mark-leaving surface.

Both Weemsbox and Redragon M908 Impact have five DPI profiles and 16 million RGB to color code the mice. However, you can amp Weemsbox to 7200 only while Redragon has a range of 16,400.

You can adjust your polling rate from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz for a more satisfying gaming experience. You can even use it for MMO gaming but its buttons might not be enough for your keybinds.

Corsair Scimitar Elite RGB Wireless MMO

Price: $129.99 (Currently at Amazon.com)

The price is off-putting but you can endure it if you want more programable buttons, a lengthy battery life, and a cool look. With its 16 bindable buttons and an option to play on the go, it can be a dream come true. That is if you really want to pay more than a hundred dollars for it.

M908 Impact has similar features, although fewer buttons, at less than half this mouse’s price. Also, the Corsair Scimitar Elite RGB Wireless MMO mouse has a higher polling rate than an average gaming mouse. 

You can tweak it up to 2,000 Hz to obtain a lightning-fast experience. Furthermore, its DPI is higher than the M908 Impact MMO. You can level its five profiles up to 26,000.


Redragon M908 Inpact and other such mice last anywhere between 1 to 3 years if you use them daily. Redragon is notorious for making budget gaming mice which can vary in sustainability. However, those mice last longer than other budget mice.

Yes, Redragon M908 Impact can double-click. It is also called a ‘Butterfly Click’ which you can click with two fingers. You have to place your first and third fingers on the left and right mouse buttons respectively. Then you simply click both buttons at once to double-click.

You can program your Redragon M908 Impact by clicking on “All Programs” after opening the Redragon software. Then, click on “5-Button Mouse” and move on to “Driver Configuration”. A mouse icon will appear on the screen. You can program your mouse buttons on it.

You can change Redragon M908 Impact sensitivity by clicking on the “DPI tab” after opening the Redragon software. You can access your five default DPI profiles. You can change their sensitivity up to 16,400.

In a Nutshell

Redragon M908 Impact MMO gaming mouse has significant features hardcore gamers love. Its 18 programable buttons, hit-perfect precision, and adjustable weight make it an ideal gaming buddy. Its fast response is a coveted attribute, too. Although you can not take it on the go, you can get the most out of it on the table.

So, what's your take on the Redragon M908 Impact MMO? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Redragon M908 Impact MMO

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