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Best Product Ever Reviewed By Me! When comparing this keyboard to other highly popular branded keyboards, it stands out primarily due to its mechanical switches. Therefore, the product is absolutely recommended.

Redragon continues its legacy by offering some of the best mechanical keyboards at an unbelievably affordable price. 

We can see this legacy being upheld with the Redragon K654 Bluesiren despite Redragon's somewhat unconventional naming choices. These names may seem subjective and random, but if the keyboard lives up to expectations, does it really matter what it's called?

The standout feature here is that even those who know little about Redragon will notice a departure from their usual Red Black design scheme. Instead, you're greeted with a pleasing and visually comfortable blue gradient colour scheme, which sets this keyboard apart from other popular Redragon offerings.

  • Complete Metal Construction
  • Completely Hot Swappable
  • Provides Soundproofing while the switches still being quiet
  • Offers a detachable connection 
  • Lack of Media Controls

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Technical Specifications of Redragon K654 Bluesiren

Keyboard Layout100% 104-key
SwitchesChroma RGB Red Switches
MaterialsFull Metal Body Construction
Medium of ConnectionDetachable USB-Type C Cable
BacklitRGB Backlit
Weight of Device≈1.39 kilograms
Sound Proofing3.5mm Sound Absorbing Foams
Hot SwappableSupported
Switch Type Linear
Sound LevelQuiet
Life Span50 Million Keystrokes
Travel Distance4.0 mm

Box Contents

The whole package now follows a new overall appearance, which needs appreciation; it packs the following items:

  • The Redragon K654 Bluesiren
  • User Manual
  • Detachable Type-C USB Cable
  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Puller
  • 8 Extra Switches

Design and Appearance

As I mentioned earlier, the attention to detail in the entire package is quite evident. Even the box follows a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design, which manages to capture that gamer aesthetic at the same time.

Redragon K654 Bluesiren

Talking about the Redragon K654 Bluesiren itself, It's clear that Redragon has gone for a complete redesign, likely to align with the name "BLUESIREN." 

The design isn't overly flashy, which is a refreshing departure from the in-your-face designs often seen in gaming keyboards. The design team certainly deserves some kudos for that.

Another thoughtful addition to enhance usability is the curved bottom side, which acts as a built-in wrist rest. It's not overly pronounced, which is a nice touch. This ergonomic consideration adds to the overall comfort of using the keyboard.

Build Quality

The build quality of Redragon K654 Bluesiren is unquestionably top-notch. The entire body is meticulously crafted from aluminium, giving the package a sense of sturdiness and a premium feel.

The keyboard's surface is brushed, a clever design choice that prevents the accumulation of smudges and fingerprint stains when touched. Even if it does get a stain, cleaning it is a breeze. This attention to detail adds to the overall satisfaction of owning and using the keyboard.


What sets Redragon K654 Bluesiren apart is its support for hot-swappable switches, a feature you won't typically find on Redragon's more affordable offerings. 

The beauty of this feature is that it's not limited to just Redragon exclusive switches; it's compatible with all sorts of 5-pin switches available in the market. 

Like in my case, I enjoy using pre-lubed Gateron or KBD switches, which enhance the overall typing experience with a smoother feel and a more relaxing clicky sound. This flexibility allows you to tailor your keyboard to your preferences.

Even without modifications and with the out-of-the-box switches, the overall typing experience is still quite soothing and comfortable.


Redragon K654 Bluesiren features two RGB-lit zones. The first one is located in the obvious place, right below the key switches, while the other runs along the perimeter of the keyboard.

You can easily control the RGB lights' speed of flow and brightness using a few keyboard combinations, allowing you to toggle through various RGB modes. Additionally, for even more customization of the RGB appearance, you can use the Redragon Design Suite.

In our case, we have Chroma RGB switches that effectively diffuse the RGB lights, resulting in a pleasing and impressive lighting outcome.


The keycaps on Redragon K654 Bluesiren are constructed from a durable and dependable PBT material. What sets them apart is that they are double-shot translucent, allowing the RGB lights to shine through brilliantly. Typically, with keyboards, keycap wear can be an issue, but not in this case.

In line with the overall minimalist blue theme, these keycaps sport a captivating blue gradient design that transitions from light to various shades of blue from top to bottom. However, suppose this combination doesn't pique your interest. 

In that case, you have the option to swap them out for aftermarket keycaps that better match your keyboard and setup aesthetics rather than sticking with the standard ones.


Even the quietest mechanical switches can produce some noise, which can be a bit bothersome when computing in a crowded environment. To address this issue, Redragon includes a 3.5mm thick soundproofing foam. 

This foam effectively absorbs the excess sound generated by the keyboard, providing a quieter experience compared to other Red Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboards.

Mode of Connection

The Redragon K654 Bluesiren offers a single mode of connection, which is wired. It's supported by a detachable USB Type-C cable that plugs into the Type-C USB port located at the top back of the keyboard. 

The advantage of this connection method is that if, by any chance, the cable gets damaged, you can easily replace it with any aftermarket Type-C cable. This adds a level of convenience and flexibility to the keyboard's setup.

Gaming Experience

When I reflect on my overall gaming experience with the Redragon K654 Bluesiren, I can describe it as comfortable, to say the least. 

Typically, my experience with mechanical keyboards has been that they tend to cause finger strain during extended computing sessions. However, in this case, I found myself enjoying both typing and gaming on this keyboard, with a notable absence of discomfort or strain.

Assignment of Macros

With the Redragon K654 Bluesiren software, assigning a combination of keys to a single key to function as a macro becomes a breeze. This feature greatly simplifies gaming with the keyboard, enhancing your gaming experience and making complex actions more accessible and efficient.

Red Flag

While the Redragon K654 Bluesiren undeniably provides great value, it does have a few shortcomings, one of which is the absence of media control keys. 

Initially, I didn't think it was a major concern. Still, after a couple of hours of typing, I came to realize that I missed having dedicated media keys that allow for convenient play and pause functions with a single button press.

Comparison With Other Products 

In the budget category, the Redragon K654 Bluesiren finds itself among some other notable offerings that are worth mentioning:

DHARMA PRO K556 PRO Aluminum Keyboard

From the same company, the DHARMA PRO K556 shares a similar aluminium chassis with the Bluesiren, but it adheres to Redragon's signature Black Red theme. When comparing these two keyboards in terms of features and performance, the most notable difference is their connectivity options. 

Unlike the Redragon K654 Bluesiren, the DHARMA PRO K556 offers three connection methods, including wired, wireless, and Bluetooth 2.4 support, making it a versatile choice. It's powered by a 1600 mAh battery for wireless usage.

In terms of software support, there are also 20 preset modes available for your RGB lighting customization. 

However, one aspect to note about this specific keyboard is its compatibility with non-Outemo switches since it is also hot-swappable. It's essential to conduct thorough research before deciding to ensure it meets your specific needs.

SteelSeries USB Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Renowned for consistently winning design and appearance awards, SteelSeries has remained in the limelight of the gaming community. The Apex 5 mechanical gaming keyboard directly competes with the Redragon K654 Bluesiren. Similar to the Bluesiren, this keyboard boasts a full aluminium construction.

However, it differentiates itself with the use of SteelSeries hybrid mechanical switches. These switches provide a mechanical feel while maintaining a membrane-like actuation. For mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, this might be a significant drawback.

Nevertheless, you still enjoy all the features that the Bluesiren offers, and on top of those, you also receive some additional perks. 

These include a magnetically detachable wrist rest, an OLED display on the keyboard that showcases various keyboard functions, and a standout feature: User Profiles, which you can conveniently toggle through using the dedicated switch.

Razer Ornata V3 Gaming Keyboard

Hailed as a brand that designs products "for gamers by gamers," Razer has also introduced a keyboard in the same budget category. The Ornata V3, much like the SteelSeries Apex 5, offers a unique hybrid typing experience. 

Razer dubs these switches "Mecha-Membrane" switches, combining elements of both membrane and mechanical switches to deliver a distinctive typing feel.

This keyboard features a low-profile key layout with slim keycaps. Razer claims that these keycaps are resistant to fading, thanks to the Ultra Violet coating applied to them, ensuring the durability and longevity of the key legends' visibility.

In this case, you'll also find a set of media keys, which, as you may know, I've come to appreciate. 

Additionally, the keyboard boasts legacy Razer Chroma RGB support. The keyboard is designed to resist a few spills, adding to its durability. The package also includes a magnetically detachable wrist rest featuring a soft-touch surface. 

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO-Dynamic with RGB Backlighting

Corsair, a prominent name in the gaming industry, offers a keyboard from their popular K lineup, the K55. What sets this keyboard apart from others, particularly the Redragon K654 Bluesiren, are its dedicated macro keys and media keys, which contribute to its larger form factor.

Out of the box, the device is protected with IP42 dust resistance. However, in the switch department, this keyboard falls short, featuring Round Dome Rubber Membrane Switches. While they attempt to provide mechanical feedback, this aspect may be a sticking point in your buying decision.

Upon comparison, it becomes evident why Redragon's offering stands out in the market. Big brands often provide keyboards in the same or lower price segment, but they sometimes feel like they're just checking boxes to exist. Many of these keyboards come with membrane key switches, and some may not offer detachable connections.

The potential upside with these big brands is the likelihood of robust software support, while with Redragon, you may need to do a bit more tinkering.

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The package includes approximately eight extra Chroma Red Switches just in case one of your switches becomes faulty over time.

For the K654 Bluesiren, you can use virtually all types of 5-pin switches available in the market. However, it's advisable to conduct thorough research to choose the right one for your needs.

You have two options for managing the RGB lights. One is to control them directly through the keyboard, and the other is to use the software for more in-depth control over your RGB lighting settings.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Redragon's approach to delivering a standout keyboard, both in terms of design and performance, makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking to purchase a mechanical keyboard within the same budget range.

While Redragon K654 Bluesiren may lack dedicated macro and media keys, the keyboard excels in every other aspect, making it a compelling choice.

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