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Redragon Ucal K673 Pro's got what you need, nothing extra. It's a solid choice, keeping it simple and hitting all the right notes. Thumbs up from me.

Meet the Redragon Ucal K673 – the latest addition to Redragon's awesome 65% mechanical keyboard family. Now, its design and appearance? Totally vibing with the other models. Seriously, it's a stunner, ticking all the boxes for a smart purchase. Equipped with 81 pre-lubed, hot-swappable mechanical switches, it not only ensures immediate performance but also caters to your potential keyboard switch preferences in the future.

But wait, there's more to it than meets the eye – we might stumble upon some red flags, too. Let's spill the tea and uncover the whole truth!

  • Features three modes of connection, including wired and wireless options.
  • Incorporates noise-cancelling capabilities through a pair of 3.5mm sound-dampening foams.
  • Utilizes TPR Gaskets in its setup to reduce vibrations produced during use.
  • Positioned at the top right-hand side, an all-in-one knob controls both system volume and the brightness of RGB lights.
  • Sports a glossy faceplate, susceptible to smudges and scratches.
  • Switch swapping is restricted to Outemo Switches only.

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Technical Specifications of Redragon Ucal K673 Pro

Keyboard Layout65% 81 Keys Layout
SwitchesOutemo Linear RedsOutemo Linear BluesOutemo Linear Browns
MaterialsSolid Plastic
Medium of ConnectionDetachable USB Type-C Cable2.4 GHz wireless Connection carried over USB TYpe-A DongleBluetooth 3.0/5.0
Backlit Vibrant RGB Backlit
Battery Capacity3000 mAh
Weight of Device≈1.3 kilograms
Hot SwappableSupports Switch Swapping
Keyboard RolloverFull Rollover

Switch Choices

Operation StyleLinearClickyTactile
Operation Force40 g60g55g
Actuation Point2.0 mm2.3 mm2.0 mm
Total Travel Distance4.0 mm4.0 mm4.0 mm
Life Span (Keystrokes)50 million50 million50 million
Sound LevelQuietClickyGentle
Suitable ForOffice/GamingTypistMidway (Office/Gaming)

Box Contents

My overall experience with Redragon so far concludes that they never disappoint in terms of the overall packaged items, and the same applies to the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro. It treats us with the following listed items:

  • 1 x Redragon K673 PRO Keyboard
  • A single Detachable Right Angled USB Type-C Cable
  • A single Keycap & Switch Puller
  • 5 Spare Switches, just in case of an accident.
  • User Manual
  • Few Stickers

Design and Appearance

As mentioned before, this keyboard, like a few other offerings from Redragon, follows a complete design aesthetic.

We are treated to a bi-color design with two different themes: Abyssal Blue and Vintage White. In both cases, the two colors used complement each other quite well. 

Despite its compact design, the craftsmanship of the Redragon Ucal K673 strives to balance functionality and space efficiency. While it has fewer keys compared to a conventional Redragon Ucal K673 Pro, each key endeavors to serve a purpose effectively.

Build Quality

The overall weight of the device is approximately 1.3 kilograms, attributed to the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro's use of an all-plastic construction, ensuring a lightweight design. 

  • The keycaps, crafted with double-shot mold injection, contribute to durability, reducing the likelihood of premature wear. 
  • The bottom of the device is composed of solid plastic, while the front features glossy surfaced plastic. 
  • The glossy surface, prone to scratches and smudges upon touch, necessitates occasional cleaning and demands careful handling.


The Redragon Ucal K673 Pro leverages the exclusive Outemo Red switches, a proprietary offering from Redragon. 

These switches provide the expected feedback of a red switch, drawing design inspiration from the industry-standard Cherry MX Reds. 

The Outemo Switches are factory pre-lubed, ensuring a smooth keypress that enhances both typing and gaming experiences. With a durability of over 50 million clicks, these switches prove to be robust and reliable. 

Additionally, Redragon Ucal K673 Pro is hot-swappable, allowing users to upgrade to a different set of switches in the future to better match their typing style and switch preferences.

Modes of Connection

Adding flexibility to the device to cater to your preferences, it offers three connection options. The primary option is a USB Type-C detachable cable, which, when attached, is routed perpendicularly to minimize port clutter. 

Moreover, when plugged in, the cable charges the 3000 mAh battery, powering the device in wireless mode. 

In wireless mode, the device uses either Bluetooth 3.0 or 5.0 for connection or a Wireless 2.4 GHz USB Type-A Dongle, conveniently housed on the right-hand side of the keyboard. The mode switch is located on the opposite side, allowing users to toggle through the three modes seamlessly.

All-in-one Control Knob

Distinguishing itself from many budget keyboards and aligning with premium models, the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro incorporates a knob located at the top right-hand corner of the device. 

This knob proves highly convenient, allowing users to swiftly adjust volume with a simple turn. The functionality extends further, holding down the knob for approximately 3 seconds transforms it into a versatile control for adjusting the intensity of RGB lights. A quick press turns off the RGB lights or mutes the system. 

While it may seem like just another feature initially, its convenience becomes apparent through use, making it a standout element that users might miss when switching to other keyboards.


Moreover, the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro ensures a vibrant RGB experience with its captivating setup of backlit RGB lights that elevate the visual appeal. 

Directly from the keyboard, users can manage a variety of controls, including adjusting the intensity of the lights. 

Also, Redragon Ucal K673 Pro supports the Redragon Pro software, providing extra flexibility for customizing the RGB light setup. The software enables easy assignment of macros and customization of RGB effects to tailor the keyboard setup to your preferences.

If we activate the macro using Fn + Alt, the numeric keys at the top are programmed to display the battery percentage. For instance, if the first three numeric keys are lit, it translates to 30% battery capacity.

Noise Cancelling

As a mechanical keyboard equipped with red linear switches, the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro is inherently prone to generating audible sounds. 

Although the switches are initially lubed to reduce noise, the setup includes two 3.5mm sound-absorbing foams to further minimize any unwanted sounds produced during typing. This feature enhances the overall quietness, making the setup comfortable for various activities such as staying, working, or gaming.

TPR Gasket

As a mechanical keyboard, it inherently generates vibrations due to numerous constantly moving parts. 

To minimize these unwanted vibrations, the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro incorporates a TPR Gasket setup. This system is designed to dampen vibrations and enhance the comfort of each keypress, benefiting not only the user but also the overall stability of the device.

Gaming Experience

Discussing the gaming experience, I would describe the Redragon K673 Pro as providing a premium experience within a budget. 

The keypresses are notably comfortable, and the overall appearance and design of the keyboard exude elegance. In terms of gaming performance, the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro delivers the experience one expects from a gaming keyboard. 

Particularly noteworthy are the integrated sound-dampening foams and TPR gaskets, which effectively minimize vibrations. The inclusion of the knob further enhances the gaming experience.

Red Flag 

No device is perfect; there is always something that makes you scratch your head. For this device, the most perplexing aspect is the glossy surface, which initially gives the device a polished look but eventually becomes a hassle to handle. 

Another red flag is the limited support for Outemo-branded switches only. Personally, I prefer not to worry about compatibility when searching for the best mechanical keyboard switch that suits my keyboard's layout.

Redragon Ucal K673 Pro VS Other Similar Products

The following keyboards are offered in a similar budget category, and I'll strive to provide fair comparisons among all the devices.

ELF PRO K649 Wireless Transparent Keyboard

We've had the opportunity to experience the ELF Pro K649 from Redragon before, and for me, it resembled another transparent keyboard, specifically the Redragon Irelia K658 Pro. 

The K649 stands out as a 65% transparent mechanical gaming keyboard, blending personality with functionality. However, its transparent aesthetic isn't my favorite, and notably, it lacks a knob for controlling volume and backlight brightness. 

On a positive note, the keyboard earns points for providing a broad selection of switches, offering considerable versatility for users. I wish other Redragon keyboards also incorporated this level of flexibility.

Cooler Master CK720 Hot-Swappable 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master is renowned for its computer-focused hardware, such as computer cases, case fans, and power supplies, similar to Redragon in some aspects. However, this keyboard is included in this comparison because its appearance bears a striking resemblance to the Redragon K673 Pro. 

Fortunately, this Cooler Master keyboard offers all the features present in the Redragon, including a 3-mode wireless connection, a multifunction controlling knob, and support for hot-swappable switches.

Where the Cooler Master diverges from the K673 Pro is in the quality of the frame. While Redragon employs plastic, Cooler Master utilizes a brushed aluminum frame and Cherry MX switches. However, it's important to note that these features come at a cost—35% more than the Redragon K673 Pro.

Corsair Wired K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Similar to Cooler Master, Corsair is another brand with a primary focus on PC hardware, known for producing premium products. 

Fortunately, Corsair also has an offering within the same budget range as the UCAL K673 Pro—the wired K60 RGB Mechanical gaming keyboard. As the name suggests, it is a wired keyboard, unlike the three-mode wireless connection of the Redragon model. However, the Corsair keyboard provides a 100% keyboard layout with Cherry-branded switches.

A notable advantage of Corsair products, including this keyboard, is the presence of their iCUE Software. The iCUE Software is widely regarded as one of the best proprietary software solutions in the industry.


The All-in-one Knob serves two main purposes for the keyboard:

  • Volume Control: The primary function of the knob is to control the volume.
  • Brightness Control for RGB Backlights: Pressing the knob for approximately 3 seconds enables control over the brightness or intensity of the RGB backlighting.
  • Additionally, the knob provides another plus point: Quick Mute and Light Off: A single quick press allows for the complete muting of volume or the turning off of RGB lights.

If a switch or switches get damaged, you are required to follow the following steps:

  • Take out the set of 5 spare switches included in the box of the package.
  • Now, extract the keycap and switch puller from the box as well.
  • Remove the keycap corresponding to the faulty switch using the keycap puller.
  • Followed by the keycap, the switch is removed by the switch puller. Keep in mind that it will require a lot more force compared to that needed for the keycap.
  • After removing and properly aligning the pins of the spare keycaps with the right holes on the main PCB, press down straight with your hand. Your spare switch is now installed and ready for use.

Final Verdict

The comprehensive coverage of the Redragon Ucal K673 Pro ultimately concludes that it is a midrange premium mechanical hot-swappable keyboard from Redragon. Boasting noise dampening, a volume and brightness control knob, and competitive pricing when compared with other boards in the same segment, it solidifies the impression that this keyboard is undoubtedly WORTH considering.

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