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Serving top-notch quality and cool features at an affordable price, Redragon K556 Devarajas can be your next purchase. Really?  Well, if you are just starting with mechanical keyboards, we would definitely recommend it to you. But why? Read on to find out more!

redragon k556 devarajas

Constantly scrolling through the features of Redragon K556 Devarajas, but still unable to make a decision, right? No worries. We have got your back!

A 100% keyboard made up of heavy metal adding to its durability with an aesthetically pleasing RGB backlit is something you surely won’t overlook. If you are a hard-core gamer, you’ll absolutely love its mechanical keys and various customization options. So, let’s elevate your gaming experience.

Redragon has always been in the limelight when it comes to the best gaming keyboards. And K556 Devarajas is no exception. But is it what you really need? Let’s dig deeper into it and find out!

Pros and Cons of Redragon K556 Devarajas

  • Features noise-absorbing forms and brown Outemu switches to function silently.
  • Has hot-swappable switches.
  • Packed with 100% anti-ghosting keys.
  • Highly durable and made up of sturdy material.
  • Comes with RGB LED backlit.
  • It has a non-detachable USB cable.
  • Does not have dedicated macro buttons.
  • A little heavy in weight.
  • Switches are difficult to pull out.
  • RGB backlit is not very bright.
redragon k556 devarajas

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Table of Specifications

Dimensions17.1 × 4.9 in
Weight 1.18 Kg
Keys104 keys (100%)
Switch TypeBrown Outemu 
Connectivity TechnologyWired with USB cable
Keyboard ConstructionMetal+ABS construction
N-key RolloverYes
RGB LED BacklitYes (18 backlit modes)
Software Devarajas
Specifications of Redragon K556 Devarajas

What’s in the box?

Unboxing a product is always an exciting moment. So let’s do it with our Redragon K556 Devarajas. The keyboard comes in a cardboard box with a carrying handle attached to the top. Once you unpack it you get to see the following things.

  • Redragon K556 Deverajs keyboard–of course. What else can you expect?
  • A User manual with clear usage instructions.
  • A plastic keycap puller for keycap replacement.
  • A metallic switch-puller to easily replace faulty switches.
  • 8× spare Outemu switches: 2× black, 2× brown, 2× red, and 2× blue so you can experiment with all of the types.
  • A vinyl sticker with a Redragon’s logo for decorative purposes.

Design and Layout

Are you a fan of 100% keyboards? That’s what you get here! Redragon K556 Deverajas is packed with a total of 104 keys with quite a minimalistic and ergonomic design. It’s an all-black keyboard with vibrant RGB backlit that gives it a classy touch. Moreover, the polished steel aluminum base with angled edges notably enhances the look. 

Talking about the keys, you get all the Fn keys which work as both, the function keys and multi-media keys. You can use them to adjust brightness, volume, microphone, and much more. Seems like all in one, right? Also, you get to see a Redragon logo on the metal plate right above the arrow keys. 

Want a comfortable typing angle? Kickstands are at your service for height adjustments. On the bottom of the keyboard, you’ll also find built-in slip-resistant pads at both corners. So no more here and there sliding during tough gaming sessions. 

Build Quality

The weight of the Redragon K556 Devarajas is enough to make you guess that it is made up of high-grade aluminum. Trust me, it’s built like a tank and might be heavier than you expect. The good part is that the aluminum base makes it highly durable. Bang it, drop it, or throw it, and it will win! But, don’t start damaging it intentionally, please.

The Rock-solid base is topped with double-shot ABS keycaps which gives a sense of floating keycaps. However, as per user reviews, they are not very nice. With regular use, the keycaps are expected to get scratched and wear out. You may also expect the black matt finish of the keycaps to get glossy after a passage of time.

But guess what? You can get the keycaps replaced with your favorite ones! Redragon Devarajas K556 lets you easily pull out the keycaps and place new ones. Ah, additional cost? Well, yes.

Typing Experience

There might be some flaws, but the Redragon K556  doesn’t fail to impress us with a great typing experience at this price point. Just like any other premium mechanical keyboard, it gives you a satisfying tactile feel with very little noise. Thanks to its noise-absorbing foams!

What about the keys?  If you are a gamer you would love to know that Redragon K556 features 100% anti-ghosting keys. Ensuring a smooth typing and gaming experience, you also get low latency. This means that your input registers really fast without any lag. 

For a comfortable typing angle, you’ll get the kickstand to adjust the height but there is no wrist pad. If you are used to sitting for long typing sessions, you must know that wrists do ache. So, unless you plan to buy Redragon K556 Devarajas for light typing, you’ll have to buy a wrist pad for your comfort. 

Hot-swappable Switches

Want to personalize your keyboard? Then you would absolutely love the Redragon K556 Devarajas for its hot-swappable switches. A switch puller already comes along with the keyboard. So whether you want to replace a faulty switch or change the whole set, no need to get into the hassle of soldering/desoldering. You can easily do it without having to disconnect the keyboard from the PC.

What about the type of switches? Well, Redragon K556 Devarajas uses Outemu Tactile brown switches which closely resemble Cherry MX brown switches. These are claimed to be dust-proof and give you fast linear actuation. However, if you are a fan of Cherry MX switches, you might find some flaws in Redragon’s Outemu browns.

Note that the hot-swappable feature is not really user-friendly. Some of the switches are known to require a lot of force to be out. So, you need to really careful while pulling the switches out and do not break them.

Connectivity and Compatibility

If you are looking for wireless keyboards, and portability is your biggest concern, Redragon K556 Devarajas is not for you. The keyboard possesses a non-detachable wire with a USB connector attached right to the center of the top edge side. The wire is thick and covered in a shiny sheath which seems to be of good quality.

Redragon K556 Devarajas offers wide compatibility with almost all versions of Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. You can use it with Windows, XP, Windows, Vista, Windows, 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac OS X. So, we are sure compatibility would never be an issue for you.

Moreover, if you want to connect the keyboard to your Xbox or PS4, you can, but you’ll need a keyboard adapter. Redragon K556 Devarajas does not support a direct connection for it. If you want to use, XIM Apex works great. However, there are a lot more other adapters you’ll find on Amazon.  

If you're looking for a Wireless keyboard specifically from Redragon then check out our review on Redragon K628 Pollux Pro.

RGB Backlighting

Are you also one of those who always get excited by RGB LED backlighting? Well, hold your hopes high because Redragon K556 Devarajas is there to light up your desk with its vibrant RGB backlit. The keyboard features various lighting modes and even lets you customize the lighting effects. So are you ready to let your creative juices spill?

Well, you can switch between the 18 preset modes and 6 themed backlights. You may adjust the brightness level, control the speed, or change the lighting direction. Just play with colors as much as you want! 

For customization, Redragon lets you put your hands on the Devarajas software specifically designed for Redragon K556. The software can be downloaded from here. It is very easy to use. No such complications. You can use it to program macro keys as well. A great deal for gamers, isn’t it?

Is Redragon K556 Devarajas Worth its Price?

Mechanical keyboards are undoubtedly getting pricy day by day. But Redragon has been the go-to brand for budget picks. Redragon K556 Devarajas is no exception. It’s easily available in the range of $40-45 if you get it from Amazon. Now coming to the question, is it really worth it?

Considering its features, we must say that, there are very less mechanical keyboards with heavy metal bases available at this price point. RGB lighting, hot-swappable switches, and software for customization are all premium features. So, we must say that Redragon K556 Devarajas is definitely worth its price.

You might find some issues, especially with the Outemu switches and the gaming performance. But you need to understand that somewhere the price has to rear its head. And it’s quite understandable, right?

Comparison With Similar Keyboards in the Same Budget

Selecting a keyboard that fits right for your needs can be extremely confusing when you are overwhelmed with a hundred options flowing on Amazon search results. It’s perfectly fine if you are still feeling confused and wondering which mechanical keyboard to buy. Don’t worry. We are still there at your back! 

We did extensive research, tested, and reviewed some of the top-rated mechanical keyboards in the same budget as Redragon K556 Devarajas. Do you know why? So that, you don’t have to! Here are the 3 of them you would surely like to check out.

Dierya DK63N

Want to keep your set-up cable-free with minimal stuff? This one is for you! Unlike the Redragon K556 Devarajas, the Dierya DK63N is a 60% keyboard with both wired and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It uses a long-lasting battery which can last up to 20 hours when fully charged. So, for the ones who are concerned about portability, here is what you need. 

Talking about the appearance, it has a sleek and ergonomic design. And just like Redragon K556, you get to enjoy the RGB LED backlighting, and that too with 19 preset modes. If you want, you customize the lighting effects with the help of software as well.

For the switches, Dierya lets you choose any of the blue, brown, or red TMKB mechanical switches. Moreover, you can also choose the color of the keyboard, i.e. white or black. Here, it feels better than the Redragon K556 Devarajas. However, note that the Dierya DK63N is not a hot-swappable keyboard.

Balam Rush Alaba - KG745

Considering the design and layout of the Balam Rush Alaba - KG745, it is pretty much similar to the Redragon K665 Devarajas. It’s a 100% keyboard with 105 keys and features RGB backlighting as well. Moreover, you’ll also find a non-detachable USB cable on the top side edge of the keyboard.

Balam Rush Alaba - KG745 is primarily dedicated to gamers, and gives an efficient gaming performance. It’s wide compatibility lets you connect the keyboard to many different gaming devices. You can also customize the RGB lighting effects as per your preference. 

Anti-ghosting keys and multimedia keys are something you’ll not miss out on with Balam Rush Alaba - KG745. However, one of the drawbacks we found was that it uses blue mechanical switches which are not ideal for gaming purposes. Apart from that, it’s all good. But not we didn’t find it any better than Redragon K556 Devarajas.

Redragon K630 Dragonborn

Ah, another from Redragon? Yes, but the Redragon K630 Dragonborn is a little different from the Redragon K556 Devarajas. It’s an ultra-compact, 60% wired keyboard ideal for a minimalistic setup and FPS gaming. For connection, it uses a detachable USB type-C cable. Quite easy to move around!

Just like the Redragon K556 Devarajas, it also uses hot-swappable switches and supports RGB backlighting. But guess what? Here, you get Red mechanical switches which makes it a great option for you if you are finding a keyboard purely for gaming.

If you want RGB backlit to be your gaming buddy, Redragon K630 won’t disappoint you. It has 11 preset backlighting modes. You can even customize the lighting effects with the help of software to make it just the way you like it. Seems like a great deal!


Unfortunately no. there is no USB port on the Redragon Devarajas K556 RGB keyboard. So, you cannot connect any peripheral like a mouse to the keyboard. However, the keyboard uses a non-detachable USB cable which you can plug into your PC or any other display device.

With Redragon K556 Devarajas, you get brown Outemu switches pre-installed by default. Along with it, you receive 8 extra switches which include 2 of each blue, black, brown, and red. If you want, you can change the switches as per your preference. Just find a set of compatible switches of your likeness and replace them.

Absolutely yes! Redragon K556 gives you 18 preset backlighting modes and 6 themed backlit options. All you need to do is press the FN + INS and PGDN keys to switch between the presets. However, for more customizations, you’ll have to use the software which you can install from Redragon’s official website.

No. The basic functionality of the keyboard is not associated with the Redragon Devarajas software. The software is only to customize the RGB LED backlighting and for programming the macros. So, you can use Redragon Devarajas K556 RGB without the software as well.

Bottom Line

All things considered, we must say that Redragon K556 Devarajas is really a huge bang for your buck. The brown Outemu switches may not give a satisfying gaming experience, but still, it’s a great deal for everyday usage. 

So, what are your thoughts on the Redragon K556 Devarajas? Are you planning to buy it?  Let us know in the comment section! Looking forward to knowing your take on it.

redragon k556 devarajas

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