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We recommend the Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers to newbies who have just started in the gaming world. If you are a middle schooler who likes to play basic games or listen to subject-related audio resources, this product is for you. Also, you can get it if you are a grown-up and need speakers to get rid of the hand-free for your phone.

Redragon Kaidas GS590 Review

Do you want bedside speakers to replace your hands-free? Are you a student who needs decent speakers to listen to audio resources while folding the laundry? Or, have you been thinking of sprucing your gaming space with a pair of dainty speakers? If yes, then keep reading.

Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers are just the answer to your queries. They are reasonably priced and have an attractive appearance. We are sharing our experience with this set in detail here.

Pros and Cons of the Redragon Kaidas GS590

  • You love their appearance - because this pair is beautiful and compact.
  • You like to work in the dark - as the RGB circles on the Redragon Kaidas GS590 illuminate them.
  • You want some bedside speakers - Their sound is just right for you if you do.
  • You want cheap speakers - because they are affordable and viable until you want to replace them with expensive ones.
  • You prefer multi-tasking - and like to do house chores while listening to your audio of choice.
  • You want bass - as the Redragon Kaidas GS590 does not have it.
  • You want loud sounds - because the sound is not that high and you may get very disappointed by the sound quality.
  • You think Bluetooth is not a reliable connection for speakers - These speakers have BT as one of their connectivity options.
  • You work in bright light - because the RGB dims in bright light.

Table of Specifications

Speaker size3.7 inches
Power sourceCorded electric
Connectivity techUSB
Speaker typeDynamic speaker
Mounting typePlug mount, Tabletop
Product dimensions3.94 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches
Product weight807 grams
Speaker maximum output power25 watts
Specifications of the Redragon Kaidas GS590

What Is Inside the Redragon Kaidas GS590 Box?

The box is smaller than a couple of Redragon’s pricier gaming speakers. It has the same pattern of info printed at the back along with a picture of the product inside. You will find:

  • A pair of Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers - for you to start indulging as soon as you plug them in your monitor audio.
  • A remote - for secure and total control of connectivity
  • A USB cable - for an easy setup and placement.
  • The manual - with everything written in for your awareness.

Sound Quality

Okay, the hard truth is that the sound of the Redragon Kaidas GS590 is too low. Also, it sounds like a noise more than a sound. We compared it against our phone’s audio and both had almost the same pitch. Although there is a wheel-shaped volume controller, the sound stays low more or less. 

“It seems as if they were drowned or as if you were covering them up with something.”

Needless to say, we don’t think much of the sound. Redragon has produced excellent and subpar products. However, the Redragon Kaidas GS590 needs thorough improvements. Not only its sound quality but also the up and down tones are missing.

There is no bass or treble here. We tried placing them outside our gaming area to see if the noise-like sound would stop. It didn’t. What’s more, it buzzes when you turn it on or try to connect with Bluetooth. You may also experience a loud pop whenever you turn them on. It can distract you if you are not ready for it.


You get triple connectivity options with the Redragon Kaidas GS950 speakers: Bluetooth, USB cable, and the auxiliary. We are still trying to determine if the weird buzzing or the plops are due to the lousy Bluetooth connectivity or a snag in the speakers themselves. For a 5.0 BT, the connectivity is a broken path.

“Like a broken wire that needs mending.”

You get the best connection through the USB cable. It is easy to plug in almost any device and allows an uninterrupted connection. Which, ultimately, is ruined because of the abysmal volume adjustments. 

The auxiliary seems faulty too. Although it provides a connection, you might hear a constant buzz in your headphones once the speakers are turned off. Again, not sure if it is a sound defect or a connection discrepancy. The connectivity was okay in general, even good with the USB cable.


Let’s talk about the appearance of the Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers. It was relatively easy to unpackage and set up. The remote is easy to use and does as it should, with two separate buttons for light control, play mode, and Play/ Pause. There's even a volume wheel on the side of the remote, and two ports for headphones and auxiliary. 

“Feels almost like a ball!”

There are multiple modes for the speakers, which are: Line in (auxiliary), Bluetooth mode, USB mode, and headphone mode. Also, the speakers look nice and compact. Plus, the RGB circles make them more attractive.

The placement is also very convenient. Since these can fit into your hands, you can place them anywhere in your room. However, you may have to keep them nearby because of the low sound quality. On the other hand, the cord connecting the two speakers is long so you can display them on either side of your gaming monitor.

Where Do You Stand On the Pricing?

Amazon: $29.99 currently

Redragon Official Store: $19.99 (Currently on sale)

Well, what can we say? You can get extremely good speakers with superb sound quality. Unfortunately, this product is not it. You get a cellphone-level sound that can warp at times, a buzzing sound in your headphones, and no deep rumbles to shake the ground as you explode one enemy base after another in-game.

“You get what you pay for… It is not a compliment.”

Its connectivity would be good for us if these speakers used only the USB cable for it. The aux and Bluetooth don’t rise to the brand’s claims of providing a constant, uninterrupted connection stream. 

Apart from all that, you should give kudos to Redragon for their customer service. They are attentive to your issues and replace faulty or damaged products. They also acknowledge negative reviews and reach out to improve their merchandise. So, you can reach out to them if you have some serious concerns about the product. However, sound quality is a serious buzzkill with the Redragon Kaidas GS590 pair.

What Do the Users Think?

Well, the users aren’t really happy with the sound quality that the Redragon Kaidas GS590 possesses. Less than half of the consumer population has given all-positive reviews for the Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers. All 100% love the look and compactness of this set. However, they lag way behind in the principal area a gaming speaker should excel: sound quality. 

A few more issues the users have pointed out are:

  • Should have provided an external power source.
  • No mic support through the remote.
  • The lights become almost invisible in bright light.

Comparison With Other Speakers

Redragon GS560 Adiemus Soundbar

Price: $34.99 (Currently at Amazon)

The Redragon GS560 speaker bar is a much better option for gamers. The quality of this speaker bar is a lot better and does not sound like the coveted Earth-shattering good. It is loud enough to echo through a small condo or apartment. Although it has a bass, it is somewhat around average. In comparison to the Redragon Kaidas G590, the Redragon GS560 speaker bar ranks higher here. If you feel interested in it, you may check out our complete review of the Redragon GS560.

The shape, size, and RGB line… are beautiful. You can play it for your basic games, not Battle Front. Also, you can reserve it for listening to relaxing music during breaks from gaming or work. Moreover, it is good for the first step both because of its features and cost.

LLEVTIC Computer Speakers

Price: $26.88 (Currently at Amazon)

You can use the LLVETIC computer speakers to play all the music files you have collected over the years. It is an easy setup out of the box:

  • Two connectors plug into the PC. 
  • One to the speaker jack and one to a USB port. 
  • They operate off and on with the computer power switch. No electrical plug is needed. 

A button on one of the speakers changes the multi-light patterns or you may turn off the light display. However, the light display is not up to mark. But that might not be an issue for you if you are not concerned about it.

They produce a good quality sound at a very reasonable price. The bass is still a problem here (seems like you may have to spend top dollar to get it) but the sound quality is reasonable. It is loud and clear enough to outrank the Redragon Kaidus G590 speakers. Although the USB plug is known to cause some issues, you can still say that you get a good product for cheap.

Jeecoo M30 Speakers

Price: $22.99 (Currently at Amazon)

More than 75% of users love these speakers. The Jeecoo M30 speakers are pretty light in weight. You can easily put it anywhere, let them sit on the desk, or travel around with them. Just place it in your backpack and you are good to go!

Apart from being portable and flexible, these speakers have great connectivity too. The audio streams are uninterrupted with both the USB and Bluetooth. You might get an occasional snag when using Bluetooth, otherwise, things go smoothly.

One thing to note about the Jeecoo M30 speakers is that they are designed for light gamers instead of MMO lovers. You can enjoy Godzilla (film) on it more than Fortnite. The sound is clear and bold enough for that. You will have to spend more on speakers with the right sound effects.


No, the Redragon Kaidas GS590 does not have a button for volume control. There i a wheel-shaped volume controller you can use instead.

No, you can not change the RGB lighting of your Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers. It will flash and change color by itself.

No, the Redragon Kaidas GS590 doe not have a specific treble knob. You have the sound wheel that controls all sound effects.

Yes, you can connect your headphones to the remote of Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers. You will see a headphones icon beside the space for the plug. Insert the headphones aux into it, the speaker will detect the headphones and the speaker will be turned off automatically.

In a Nutshell

The Redragon Kaidas GS590 speakers may not be your first choice when it comes to loud and clear sound. Although they are compact, portable, and attractive-looking, the sound is too low. Furthermore, the BT and aux connectivity can be unstable from time to time. You can use them when you don’t want to use your hands-free with your phone. However, you can find a better speaker if you are looking for high-sound quality.

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