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We recommend the Redragon Andante GS812 speakers to gamers who are transitioning from headphones to speakers. Consider this pair as a beginner’s milestone.

Redragon Andante GS812 review

Have you just taken your headphones off and want to get speakers? Do you need a temporary pair before you get serious about using speakers? Or are you tired of flashing lights on your speakers and want a pair with negligible RGB? This is your answer.

Redragon Andante GS812 speakers are your average wireless buddies. You can carry them around your house wherever you want to play or listen to your favorite shows. We have compiled a detailed review outlining its pros, cons, and features so that you can make an informed decision. 

Pros and Cons of the Redragon Andante GS812

  • You want dual connectivity -  Redragon Andante GS812 speakers come with a 5.0 auxiliary and a 2.0 Bluetooth connection option.
  • You want a ready-to-go pair - The size of this device and the wireless option make it a good travel buddy.
  • You like to move your speakers around - You can put these speakers on your table or on the dresser. They fit almost anywhere due to their compact size.
  • You want to buy your very first speakers - They are a practical transition from headphones to listening to everything out in the open.
  • You need a temporary option before investing in a long-term device - The sound quality is good. However, they might sound like regular speakers.
  • You think the price is too much - If you think you need to look around more before investing your money, go ahead.
  • You want your place to reverberate with the bass - The bass quality is average with the Redragon Andante GS812 speakers.
  • You want an RGB light show on your speakers - You won’t get it because you only get a thin RGB strip.
  • You don’t trust Bluetooth connectivity - If you think Bluetooth is not the best wireless mode for you, you can consider other options.

Table of Specifications

Speaker size3 inches
Power sourceCorded electric
Connectivity techAuxiliary
Speaker typeComputer, Bookshelf
Mounting typeShelf mount, Tabletop
Weight2.5 kilograms
Product dimensions12.99 x 7.87 x 9.45 inches
Specifications of the Redragon Andante GS812

What Is Inside the Redragon Andante GS812 Box?

You get these speakers in the Redragon’s signature black and red box. We loved the secure packaging and impact-absorbing wrapping. Redragon prints useful information about its products on the boxes so that you can familiarize yourself with them immediately. You find these things inside the box:

  • The manual - to tell you about the workings and setup of this device. 
  • A pair of the Redragon Andante GS812 speakers - They come attached with cords. You just have to set them up and place them somewhere suitable.
  • A power adopter - to secure the speakers against incompatible voltage systems.
  • The Redragon sticker - for your collection and as a sign of your loyalty. We have a dedicated board that is filling up fast with these!

Sound Quality

We all love the deep booming sounds and the amplified rumbles in our chests as we race across the game field, amped up and shooting left, right, and center, right? Right. Well, these speakers have a bass. You also get volume-adjusting knobs, obviously.

“The rumble… smokin’!”

The slight catch comes when the bass is not deep enough. It is… okay. You can really enjoy the sound quality if the Redragon Andante GS812 is your first pair. A good thing is that the sound does not immediately get very high or very low with your adjusting. It goes up or down gradually so you can decide on a level in a few tries. 

If you have tried quality speakers before, then you probably won’t be too impressed by these ones. It might put a damper on your expectations and gaming experience if you are a seasoned gamer who is neck-deep into gaming gadgets. However, it is a good choice if you have just quit your headphones and switched to speakers. 


“The sound is good… when you hear it.”

You get a dual connectivity option just like almost every wireless device. You can either connect it directly to your PC or computer. Or you can connect via Bluetooth. You get a 5.0 BT connection here. You can place it anywhere in your room and enjoy your virtual experience.

Only, the connectivity can be improved. First of all, the auxiliary cable is not compatible with any socket. You might need a separate adapter for it. Secondly, it tends to get loose and causes pauses and disruptions. You may have to adjust it again and again to make it work. Then there is Bluetooth.

Its connection keeps breaking. You can get annoyed (like we did), when the voice kept jarring, stopping, the Bluetooth pinging, the voice reappearing. You can get seriously distracted by this constant vicious cycle, enough to lose the game and perhaps your interest too. All in all, we found it pretty unimpressive.


It says in the specs section that you can place it on the bookshelf, right? Well, technically you can. However, you might find it a gamble. We found out that we can not place it too far from our gaming setup. Why? Because of its connectivity, for one thing.

For another, its wires are too short. Not only the AUX but also the wire connecting the speakers. It is less than 1 meter. Moreover, it is fixed. You will have to cut it and get it soldered again if you want to elongate it. 

“You can’t separate these buddies.”

Another thing is that these speakers might be taller than your monitor. This may affect the bass quality negatively. It does have a RGB strip to make it even the aesthetics. However, it won’t be of any use if you can not place it as you envisioned when you bought it. You can get them if you don’t care about the aesthetics, though. However, if you want a stylish soundbar, you may check out the Redragon GS560 Adiemus. We have a detailed review of it as well.

Where Do You Stand on Pricing?

Amazon: $61.99 currently

Redragon Official Store: $61.99 currently


Frankly speaking, they are expensive when you compare the quality and the cost. The Bluetooth connectivity is subpar, for one thing. Also, the auxiliary plug requires a specific socket. You can not attach it according to your convenience.

Although you get a bass knob to turn the effect up or down, it does not create the “rumble” in your chest as it should. The speakers can be taller than your monitor screen if you own a smaller monitor, say, 32 inches. You can get other speakers that sound way better for less.

Apart from all that, you should give kudos to Redragon for their customer service. They are attentive to your issues and replace faulty or damaged products. They also acknowledge negative reviews and reach out to improve their merchandise. However, quality is a serious bane with the Redragon Andante GS812 pair.

What Do the Users Think?

The users found many issues with these speakers. The first complaint is about the placement. According to the customers, the cord connecting the two speakers is not only short but also non-detachable. You can not place them on either side of your monitor. You have to either place them too close which warps the sound, or place them somewhere else.

“I love Redragon Products, but this needs a serious revamp.”

This again can not always be possible because of the length of the adopter cord. They like the appearance and compactness of the Redragon Andante GS812, though. They are lightweight and easy to put almost anywhere. That said, they can not be put almost anywhere even if you use Bluetooth.

Redragon boasts about the 5.0 BT connectivity of this device. However, consumers sing another tune. More than 50% of the users find it entirely satisfactory. According to them, the BT connection keeps disrupting and the voice breaks repeatedly. This ruins the fun out of the game, movie, song, show, etc. 

Comparison to Other Speakers

Saiyin DS6701SP Speakers

Price: $69.99 (Currently at Amazon)

These speakers provide the best wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth does not break the connection like the Redragon Andante GS812. You don’t have to adjust the aux time and again because the Saiyin DS6701SP speakers come with a USB sound card. This helps maintain a stable connection between the speakers and your PC.

The bass works best at 6 ft according to the users, although you get a marvelous experience up close too. You can feel the ground shaking and your chest rumbling because of the woofers installed in the speakers. You can get an exquisite gaming experience with them!

The sound card helps improve the sound quality. You can listen to the sounds of footsteps in-game very clearly. However, it does not turn high or low gradually like the Redragon Andante GS812. The sudden changes in the pitch can disturb your focus if you turn the volume knob accidentally.

Sanyun SW208 Speakers

Price: $59.49 (Currently at Amazon)

These speakers also provide satisfactory wireless connectivity. You don’t have to wait for the Bluetooth to re-adjust its connection now and then like the Redragon Andante GS812. You don’t have to adjust the auxiliary cord with the Sanyun SW208 speakers. It is compatible with different sockets and helps maintain a stable connection between the speakers and your console or monitor.

The bass works fine. Although it is not house-shattering, it is good enough to make you feel the game around you. This set does not have woofers installed. However, you get a knob to adjust treble, too. You might not notice much difference between the two initially. You will get accustomed with time.

These speakers come with a sound card that helps improve the sound quality. You can hear soft sounds clearly too. However, it does not turn high or low gradually like the Redragon Andante GS812. The sudden changes in the pitch can disturb your focus if you turn the volume knob accidentally. It provides more value than the Redragon Andante GS812 even though it is cheaper.

Nylavee SK400 Speakers

Price: $49.99 (Currently at Amazon)

More than 80% of users love this device! Well, that is not all but it could be. Customer satisfaction is a review in itself. Also, we found the Nylavee SK400 speakers more competent than most speakers out there. This includes some highly expensive ones too. You get excellent connectivity and sound quality, both features necessary for a good pair of gaming speakers.

You get a USB cable to connect them to your PC or any screen. This means you can plug them anywhere! Unlike the Redragon Andante GS812 which needs specific adopters, these speakers are low maintenance with a high output. Replacing the auxiliary with a USB is the best decision! This makes their placement way easier, too.

A user says and we quote (because we just couldn’t help it): 

“Whether I'm caught in the middle of an epic gaming battle or simply vibing to my favorite tunes, these speakers ensure that every sound is crisp and resonant.”

This means that the sound quality of this product is awesome. You also get a deep bass here like what is expected of a gaming speaker. 

Redragon Andante GS812 speaker has 10 watts of power output.

You can turn on your Redragon Andante GS812 speaker by turning the volume button on.

Redragon Andante GS812 is not better for bass. You can look for other speakers that provide a house-shattering experience.

Somewhere between 90 - 200 Hz is best for bass in gaming speakers.

In a Nutshell

Redragon Andante GS812 speakers are average devices that can serve well as the beginning gaming speakers. Their biggest bane is their poor connectivity. They come with an auxiliary that needs a compatible adopter. The Bluetooth connection breaks intermittently, disrupting the gaming experience. You can look for better speakers in this price range if you want a long-term solution.

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